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Gary Lineker calls US ‘extraordinarily racist country’ and reignites row between BBC and Qatar


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4 hours ago, Cookie Monster said:

Racism is a natural human behaviour. We evolved to primarily safeguard the survival of our family units, and secondarily our own kind in our wider community.

Agreed CM, this is factual.  Babies are born scared of people who don't look like their parents.  Communities need to treat obvious outsiders as a threat because they bring fresh diseases.  Xenophobia is hard coded into humans, and Tolerance is the learned behavior.

4 hours ago, Cookie Monster said:

This is why no country is able to prevent it. They can make racism illegal, but they cannot change the way the human mind works.

The fact is, every government likes to think they can legislate morality, but they can't.  The harder they try, the more repressive they have to get, and the more people turn against them.  It's the wrong answer.

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On 12/15/2022 at 9:24 PM, Ell said:

I have considered the USA a racist culture since my childhood in the early sixties. The most racist of them in my opinion are the pretend anti-racists.


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