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The Truth about Gove's £800 billion trade deals claim


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Nick Tyrone: "The government’s “£800 billion in new global post-Brexit trade” claim debunked - and why it’s so important to lay it out as a falsehood

When I started this Substack, I did worry a little that I might run out of things to say about Brexit. That the news about it would dry out and I’d get stuck. As it happens, this has never come close to being the case - there is in fact so much Brexit related material to talk about, the problem every week is what to put in and what to leave out.

Yet I couldn’t resist looking in depth at the government’s claim of 71 new trade deals signed post-Brexit, with the added claim that they add up to £800 billion of “new global trade”. Full Fact, amongst others have written up a good debunking of these figures. However, I still think there is more to be said here and going beyond simply tearing down what a falsehood these numbers represent, getting deeper into what this means for Brexit’s future as a project."

This week in Brexitland, December 15th, 2022 (substack.com)

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