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Hungry hippo swallows toddler and then spits him out alive


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In an African twist on the Biblical legend of Jonah and the whale, a toddler in Uganda has miraculously survived being gulped down and then regurgitated by a hippo.

The two-year-old boy, who was named as Paul Iga, was playing near his home about 800 yards from the shores of Lake Edward in the west of the country.

The hippo grabbed the child in its huge jaws and was in the process of swallowing him when a local man saw what happened and started frantically pelting the animal with stones.

The startled hippo regurgitated the child and lumbered off back towards the lake.


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Amazing.  This was the SECOND thing I thought of about this kid's future: :lol:



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3 hours ago, HollyDolly said:

Surprised  the little guy is alive.They say hippos kill more people in Africa than lions do.

More than crocs, too.

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7 hours ago, Hammerclaw said:

More than crocs, too.

WOW... I'd have thought the crocs would have been tops in that category.  There must be a lot of people who live in closer proximity to Hippos or they just aren't aware of the danger. 

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