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Irmgard Furchner: Nazi typist found guilty of complicity in 10,500 murders

Still Waters

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16 hours ago, LadyPhoenix said:

This is posturing, and nothing more.  A typist isn't "complicit" in the activities of the camp, simply by being there.  What utter BS!  She issued no orders, she took no actions against anyone; she simply did secretarial work.  What was she supposed to do, go out and protest and die herself?  Being there and knowing doesn't make her guilty.  She could stop nothing.  If we don't hold family members of killers guilty, why would anyone find her guilty? 

See it the other way. What if she had come forward with her knowledge about what was happening? How many of those direct participants got away because someone did not speak out? I understand she was young and could not speak out during the nazi regime, but why not speaking out after?

Family members of killers are not guilty, unless they new and hid what the killer was doing.

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