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International 'Save the Children' fund starts helping Brexit Britain


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Better known for its work in developing countries, Save the Children has handed out 2,344 direct grants to low-income families in the UK over the past year.

The charity said these “early years” grants, first introduced during the Covid pandemic, have been used by parents – some of whom are in work – to buy food, warm clothes and even beds for their children. The charity has spent more than £1m on the payments, which typically amount to £400, over the past year.

With rocketing fuel bills expected to make the next three months particularly difficult, Save the Children recently raised the budget for the programme by 25%.

Hines said: “The UK government must do much more to support those on the lowest incomes, as our grants programme continues to reveal acute need for parents both in and out of work. Waiting until April 2023 for new cost of living payments is not acceptable.”

Britain’s poorest families living in severe hardship, warns Save the Children | Poverty | The Guardian

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  • The title was changed to International 'Save the Children' fund starts helping Brexit Britain

Expect that kind of need to become so widespread that even the U.S. will partake.  AND just remember, all of this is INTENTIONAL.  You'll own nothing, and you'll "be happy".  

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