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Female Man City fan who groped man spared jail


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A female football fan who groped a rival supporter has been spared jail despite the victim calling for the incident to be taken as seriously as an assault by a man.

Mother-of-six Jemma Whiteside, 40, grabbed the man's genitals and rubbed her bottom against his shoulder at an Everton v Manchester City Premier League game. 

She was said to have been heard saying: "I am going to f--- him later, and I don't even know his name."

The Everton-supporting victim reported the incident to police saying he was "shocked and upset" at being fondled. 

In a statement he said: "It should not matter whether the assault was by a man or a woman, it should be treated the same", and the sentence has been branded a "double standard" by a charity.

Female Man City fan who groped man spared jail despite victim's plea to treat her same as male (msn.com)

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It should be taken as seriously as if the genders were reversed. If a male player did this people would raise hell

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