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Gov DeSantis leads’ Republican Representative most likely to win 2024 presidential nominee

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6 hours ago, acidhead said:



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40 minutes ago, acidhead said:


Man this guy just doesn’t learn, he couldn’t do it before and even if he won in 2024 this would be illegal. But, the small crowd at Cpac if any of them believe this they are as dumb as a box of rocks!:lol::tsu::D

Trump at CPAC Pitches Sending Military to Cities 'Until Law and Order Is Restored': https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/politics/trump-at-cpac-pitches-sending-military-to-cities-until-law-and-order-is-restored/ar-AA18ehsB?cvid=78d4c4e4229c491eba5f1b135d3c5f45

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Kari Lake beat Ron DeSantis in poll at CPAC 


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Ahh the old “small crowd” argument. We saw that a lot in 2020.  All while ignoring the no crowds that showed up for many democratic campaign stops. 

The guy was packing stadiums with crowds outside trying to get in, but the reports showed pics hours before the event claiming hardly anyone showed. Talk about pathetic. 

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