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Are dogs left- or right-handed? What the science says

Still Waters

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The vast majority of people use one hand or the other for most things – and for nearly 90% of the human population this is the right hand. Some 10% to 13% of humans are left-handed, with men being three times more likely to be left-handed than women, though very few people are ambidextrous.

Until relatively recently, it was assumed that “handedness” was unique to humans, but studies of animals suggest that “handedness” may be a fundamental feature of all mammals. What is less clear is how this is displayed in animals and whether this is the same as human handedness.

A wide array of tests have been developed in an effort to determine whether the domestic dog displays any evidence of preferred paw use. Tasks have included stabilising a toy, reaching for a food treat placed inside a container, or removing an object – such as a blanket or piece of sticky tape – from the animal’s body.

Other indicators include recording the first step taken to walk downstairs or the paw given to a person upon request.


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I hate to be a pedant, but dogs don't have hands. They have paws.  Such an obvious factual error does put something of a crimp in my appreciation of such research.

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