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Girl Guides of Canada replace 'Brownies' with 'Embers' after concerns raised

Still Waters

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From the story Baden-Powell took inspiration


things. When they are idle and mischievous, they are called Boggarts, and are a curse to the house they live in. When they are useful and considerate, they are Brownies, and are a much-coveted blessing. Sometimes the Blessed Brownies will take up their abode with some worthy couple, cheer them with their romps and merry laughter, tidy the house, find things that have been lost, and take little troubles out of hands full of great anxieties. Then in time these Little People are Brownies no longer. They grow up into men and women. They do not care so much for dainties, play, or mischief. They cease to jump and tumble, and roll about the house. They know more, and laugh less. Then, when their heads begin to ache with anxiety, and they have to labour for their own living, and the great cares of life come on, other Brownies come and live with them, and take up their little cares, and supply their little comforts, and make the house merry once more."


They were originally to be called Rosebuds but that name was not liked.

In the time of Baden-Powell words like "gay" and "queer" had profoundly different meaning.

In contemporary times if the name conjures up a sentiment that may be detrimental to membership then why not do as Baden-Powell, himself, did - and find a name that is more marketable.

In some parts of the world "Brownie" hasn't been used for more than a quarter of a century.

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On 1/13/2023 at 9:04 AM, Myles said:

Just more of the left taking words away from us.   

Oh my goodness!  Poor you!  I bet you just sit your old ass at home wondering how you are losing out on words!  

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1 hour ago, Agent0range said:

Oh my goodness!  Poor you!  I bet you just sit your old ass at home wondering how you are losing out on words!  

Yeah Political Correctness is the reason for a diminished vocabulary.


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