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Chat gpt fun


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https://openai.com/ "Try Chat gpt"

This thing will churn out anything for you in seconds. Curious to see what others can come up with or if the same random prompts produce different results for different people. Try write a script/story/song/movie. Pretty sure there are intelligent things one can do with it as well.


Write a funny movie about a web forum called "unexplained mysteries". They debate everything from Bigfoot to UFOs, religion, the weather and politics. Give it a surprise ending.



Title: "The Unexplained Mystery of the Missing Moderator"


The movie opens with a shot of a bustling online forum called "Unexplained Mysteries." The camera zooms in on the main discussion thread, where members are fervently debating the existence of UFOs. Suddenly, the thread is interrupted by a startling announcement from the forum's moderator, "Mysterious_Mod": the moderator has gone missing.


Panic ensues among the forum members, as they realize that without Mysterious_Mod, their debates will never be settled. They decide to launch a search party to find the missing moderator, but their efforts are hindered by the fact that they only know him by his online handle.


As the search party scours the internet for clues, the movie cuts to a series of comedic subplots involving the forum members. One member, "BigfootBeliever," becomes convinced that the moderator has been kidnapped by a secret government agency. Another member, "AlienTruther," becomes convinced that the moderator has been abducted by extraterrestrials. Still, another member, "WeatherWizard," becomes convinced that the moderator has been sucked into a black hole.


In the end, the search party finally tracks down the missing moderator. But just as they are about to confront him, they are shocked to discover that "Mysterious_Mod" is actually a cat, who had accidentally knocked over the computer of the person who was moderating the forum. The cat had taken over and been moderating the forum for weeks.


The forum members are initially disappointed, but soon realize that the cat has been doing a much better job at moderating than the previous human moderator. They decide to keep the cat as the official moderator of "Unexplained Mysteries," and continue their debates as usual, with the added bonus of cat videos and pictures.


The movie ends with the forum members sitting around a computer screen, watching videos of cats and discussing whether or not they believe in the existence of the feline species.



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Here is what my generated:

Title: "Mystery Men" Plot: A group of eccentric individuals, all self-proclaimed experts in the field of unexplained mysteries, gather on a web forum called "Unexplained Mysteries" to debate and discuss various topics such as Bigfoot sightings, UFO encounters, religious phenomena, and even the weather. They all believe that they have the answers to life's greatest questions, but their constant bickering and one-upmanship leads to more confusion than clarity. As the debates heat up, the forum members begin to suspect that one of their own may be a government agent, sent to spy on them and suppress their theories. They grow increasingly paranoid and begin to question each other's motives. Just as they are about to turn on each other, a surprise visitor arrives at their door - a real live Bigfoot! The forum members are stunned and can hardly believe their eyes. They quickly realize that all of their debates and discussions have been trivial and pointless in comparison to the incredible discovery of a real-life mystery. In the end, the forum members put aside their differences and work together to study and protect the Bigfoot, who they now realize is a peaceful and intelligent creature. They learn that the greatest mysteries in life are not found in books or on the internet, but in the world around them. The surprise ending is that the Bigfoot is actually an alien who was stranded on earth and used the forum to communicate with other aliens and eventually get rescued.

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6 minutes ago, Scholar4Truth said:

Here is what my generated:

Isn't this thing neat to watch in action? I've been playing with it a lot since I posted here learning how to tweak the prompts for different results. I see some repetition and limitations in the way it responds to certain things but it's well on its way. This tech is going to be something else.

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