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Losing GOP candidate arrested in string of shootings at New Mexico Democrats' homes

Grim Reaper 6

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2 hours ago, Desertrat56 said:

Here is more on Pena:


A convicted felon is running to become a state lawmaker. The decision has sparked a lawsuit, however. 

Solomon Pena (R) was convicted of going on a crime spree in 2007. He was 24 when he was arrested and reportedly a leader of a burglary ring. The group would use stolen cars to smash into more than 50 stores in Albuquerque. The crimes totaled up to half a million dollars worth of merchandise. 

Pena was convicted of 15 felony charges in 2008. He served more than five years in prison and completed his probation in 2021. Pena is now running for House District 14, which covers the South Valley.

- - - - -

Luckily he lost which led him to try to kill 2 state representatives.

I suspect this judge will not get re-elected  next election:



A candidate for the state legislature who is a convicted felon is allowed to stay on the ballot. A judge ruled Republican Solomon Pena is qualified to run to represent House District 14 in southwest Albuquerque.

Pena served five years in prison for leading a burglary ring targeting dozens of Albuquerque businesses. Pena says since that 2008 conviction, he has graduated from the University of New Mexico and turned his life around. 

Pena’s democratic candidate opponent Miguel Garcia, who currently holds the seat, filed a lawsuit trying to disqualify Pena from the ballot based on his criminal past. The judge ruled that since Pena is qualified to vote, he is qualified to hold office. Under New Mexico law, felons can get voting rights restored after completing their sentence including probation or parole.

- - - - - 

Obviously he didn't turn his life around.

He realised that if he wants to commit crimes and get away with them, he he needs to be be politics.

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Just now, Sir Wearer of Hats said:

He realised that if he wants to commit crimes and get away with them, he he needs to be be politics.

Then he got mad because he didn't win and tried to kill people.  Really not even smart enough to be in politics.  

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15 hours ago, Raptor Witness said:

Tump is like a virus. Disgusting ....

You’re certainly right he is just that and it’s our job to continue to expose him for what he is!

A frightened child who doesn’t like what he sees in the mirror. A Malignant Narcissist, who is incapable of feeling empathy for the suffering of others. A man is places himself above all other men and is incapable of see his fault of guilt in anything he does no matter how horrific. A draft dodger who wants more that anything to be anything else than what he is, so to hide his shame he attacks Americans heroes like Senator McCaine in an effort to hide his shame at another’s expense. A men whose sexual proclivities are for his gratification alone with no regard to how others fell at his tiny Trex hands.

Man I could go on all day!:)

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