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Twitter's bird statue sells for $100,000 at auction

Still Waters

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Posted (IP: Staff) ·

An auction for hundreds of items at Twitter's San Francisco HQ has just ended.

A statue of the platform's famous bird logo has claimed the most expensive item sold, coming in at $100,000 (£81,000).

Viewers online noted that some of the used items were no bargain, as they were selling for more than retail.

The sale comes as owner Elon Musk cuts costs at Twitter following his $44bn purchase of the company last year.

Heritage Global Partners, the auction's administrator, did not publish the auction's final results, but the BBC has collected several prices just before closing.



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Better money to be spend on then this item.

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When you become so poor, you can't afford the symbols of wealth and power.  Al least Elon can still change the algorithm to become  the most important  tweeter.  Was the big blue bird  like the little blue pill?  Without the blue bird, will aging Twitter  be a flop?

Maybe if he can hold his ego in check, Elon can reverse things by selling top twit of the day for a million bucks.  

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