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FBI counterintelligence agent who led Trump-Russia probe arrested for own ties to Russian oligarch


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4 hours ago, Tatetopa said:

Give it time.  Fish rot from the head.  Conspiracy?  Naw I don't like conspiracies,  like Tucker, I just ask questions.  Why is biden so sweaty and afraid?  Why is he stuttering and stumbling?  Will Hunter go to jail? 

Funny how it works the same.

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5 hours ago, Hankenhunter said:

True. I'd make a lousy assassin. Still, he could go pale, clutch his chest, keel over from a heart attack, and his rubes would never believe it. Dammed if you do, and dammed if you don't. 

I remember a short story about a young man whose Father had been killed in Italy by a falling pig.  Everybody who heard the story laughed at him and he gained notoriety for the awful event.  Eventually he met his true love when she was mortified by the horrible incident and asked (as the young man had) "What became of the pig?"  

This reminds me of the assassination attempt against President Carter, where the CIA, seeking to discredit Carter's dove-ish tendencies dosed a rabbit up on rabies and the rabbit equivalent of PCP and set it upon Carter on the Golf Course he attended.  The hoped for headline "Wimp POTUS Killed by a Rabbit" never eventuated however, as Carter proved sprightly and effective in killing the enraged rabbit with his golf club, while his bodyguards (paid off) did nothing to protect him.

Arguably a sufficiently comedic death can forestall a conspiracy theory, but it shouldn't.

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4 hours ago, Myles said:

Funny how it works the same.

Good points.  I hope Joe's people are listening.  First off, they need to make Hunter a presidential advisor to give him immunity.  Then they can send him off to China to collect a couple of dozen copyrights.  Then on to the Middle East where he can pick up a couple of billion dollars for undisclosed favors.  The Biden's could make some real money then not this penny ante stuff. 

Next thing you know ol' Joes a billionaire

Kinfolks said Joe move away from there

Said Californie is the place you ought to be

So they loaded up the plane and moved to Beverly

Hills that is, swimmin pools movie stars.


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