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Croydon workers 'scared to come to work' after huge knife fight spills into store.


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A Croydon retail worker has told MyLondon that fellow staff are terrified to come into work after a broad daylight knife fight spilled into their shop. A video circulating on social media shows a group of young men wildly swinging what appear to be hunting knives outside COCO on North End in Central Croydon.

The worker said: “Staff are very, very scared, and some are too scared to come into work. Something needs to be done. There are people selling drugs on the street like it’s normal."

They added: “Two staff said they don’t want to work there anymore. I’m also scared to come to work but I have bills to pay.


I'm sure Mayor Khan would say 'it's all just part of living in the big city' ...or some such nonsense.

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