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North of England ‘ranks second worst for investment’ after Greece


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“Of all the advanced economies around the world, ours is the most regionally divided and getting worse – the north is at the sharp end of these divides and that’s a barrier to prosperity. But what’s even more unacceptable is that our country is divided by design. It is the result of decisions.”

Researchers have calculated overall levels of public and private investment in all 38 OECD countries.

Ireland is ranked top followed by South Korea, Turkey and Estonia. The UK is a lowly 35 in the list followed by Costa Rica (36), Luxembourg (37) and the imagined country of the north of England (38). Greece, still recovering from a sovereign debt crisis and its aftermath, is bottom.

North of England ‘would rank second worst for investment’ if OECD country | North of England | The Guardian

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  • The title was changed to North of England ‘ranks second worst for investment’ after Greece

"Divided by design". That's what looks like is happening in the States. :no:

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Northern England should be treated like Scotland and given a large chunk of cash to spend on levelling-up, Labour's Andy Burnham claimed today. 

The Greater Manchester mayor called for a new funding plan akin to the Barnett Formula that would pump more money into struggling areas. 

The formula is an algorithm which dictates the level of public spending in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Ahead of a gathering of northern leaders today Mr Burnham used a round of media appearances to suggest the reconstruction of postwar Germany be used as a model for levelling up. 

Andy Burnham demands the North of England is treated like Scotland and gets a cut of UK cash (msn.com)

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