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Kanye West could be denied entry to Australia over anti-Semitic remarks, minister says


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Ye, formerly known as Kanye West, may not be suitable for an Australian visa because of his history of anti-Semitic remarks, a government minister said on Wednesday, as pressure mounted to deny entry to the award-winning US rapper.

Minister for Education Jason Clare condemned Ye's "awful" anti-Semitic comments involving Hitler and the Holocaust, saying others who had made similar statements had been denied visas.



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I hope they do.

Then the US needs to deport him to Sudan or Somalia. :yes:

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I've never liked him.  He comes off as wanting to be perceived as a thug.   Plus, I have never liked rap music.  

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The real question is who cares? 

I was having a laugh about this the other day when a neighbour brought it up. He hadn't heard about the Hitler love before this, but thought ye was a tool anyway.

Twitter banned him. Nike dropped him like a hot potato. A politician is deciding if we want to welcome a Hitler fan. Big deal. Would anyone invite a Hitler fan (or ye for that matter) into ones home? 


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