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Michigan Priest Who Died Claims He Went to Hell, Saw Demons Torturing humans with Rihanna Music

Grim Reaper 6

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5 minutes ago, joc said:

Quite frankly Jmccr8, the definition of being dead is when they are NOT able to revive you...it really is completely irrelevant how long they do CPR on a patient.  If the patient is resuscitated then the doctor will tell the family...it was touch and go there for awhile but they are in ICU and their vital signs are stable.

The only time a Doctor will ever tell a family their loved one is dead...is...if they are in fact dead.  And when they call a code...they mark the time for the DEATH Certificate.   No Death Certificate...No Death.  

All priests have unresolved issues or they wouldn't be priests!

Hi Joc

Yes understood and clinically dead is revivable not permanent, I didn’t write the definition and was just using it to explain a possibility for what occurred. Lack of oxygen can affect the brain and that is what I think happened to him.

The doctors did tell my sister that mom died on the operating table so am just going with how it was described to me as I had not seen or spoken with mom for a decade at that time.

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An NDE is like reaching space, but not achieving orbit. 

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I heard a guy say that his father after having a heart attack, and having surgery believed a cult member doctor put turkey necks in his chest. He was suffering from delusions from the experience, and the idea of the turkey necks was from what a neighbor has been feeding him previously.

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On 1/28/2023 at 7:18 AM, Rlyeh said:

A priest went to hell?

Happens all the time.  KIddie fiddlers you understand...

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