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Flybe: Regional carrier ceases trading and cancels all flights

Still Waters

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Posted (IP: Staff) ·

Airline Flybe has cancelled all flights to and from the UK after going into administration.

A statement on the airline's website said it had "ceased trading" and told any passengers expecting to travel with it not to go to the airport.

About 2,500 passengers were due to fly with Flybe on Saturday, with about 75,000 passengers in total having flights cancelled.

Flybe's administrator confirmed 277 of its 321 staff are being made redundant.

Financial advisory firm Interpath said the rest of the company's staff would be retained.


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Fortunately, there shouldn't be too much financial damage. Airports and airlines are short staffed, for both flying and ground crew, so getting new jobs shouldn't be hard. And passengers who are stranded will be able to get reimbursement from their travel companies or credit card suppliers.

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