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Six British children found living in abandoned wine cellar in Austria

Still Waters

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Posted (IP: Staff) ·

Six British children have been found living in an abandoned wine cellar in Austria, according to reports.

The youngsters, all aged under five, were found in the illegal hideout in the small village of Obritz with a 54-year-old Austrian man and his wife.

Police launched a search operation for the man after he reportedly attacked social services staff with pepper spray in the village.

The family had been living in the cellars for several months, police said.

The man, reported to be Austrian but working in Britain, barricaded himself in the cellars. After police broke in and arrested the man they found firearms in the cellar.


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The article is a bit confusing. Where the couple the parents or not? Seems like they were. If so, then are they British only due to where they were born? Did the family move to Austria in a normal fashion?

Seems to me the only thing unusual is the kids living in the refurbished basement. Many kids in the US would love living in the basement if it meant they had lots of room.

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Yeah, the article seemed to leave out a lot of details. 

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