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Brexit 'costing UK economy £100 billion a year' - (Daily Telegraph)


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Think what we could do with that £100 billion per annum! £350m per week for the NHS? Rejuvenate our fishing and farming industries? Invest in the electric car industry? Subsidise everyone's energy bills until prices stabilise (as France has done)?

The possibilities are endless.

Brexit is costing the UK's economy £100bn a year as the way the split from the EU has been implemented leaves companies struggling to attract investment and hire workers.

On the third anniversary of Britain leaving the bloc, the nation’s economy is 4pc smaller than it might have been according to analysis by Bloomberg Economics.

Business investment in the UK has grown 19pc less than the average across G7 economies, it showed.

Economists Ana Andrade and Dan Hanson said: "Did the UK commit an act of economic self-harm when it voted to leave the EU in 2016? The evidence so far still suggests it did.

Brexit 'costing UK economy £100bn a year' - latest updates (msn.com)

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  • The title was changed to Brexit 'costing UK economy £100 billion a year' - (Daily Telegraph)
14 minutes ago, acute said:

There is no better shot in the foot than Brexit.

Oh I don't know, voting for Biden must come a close second.

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1 hour ago, acute said:

There is no better shot in the foot than Brexit.

I think Brexit is fascinating.

Some people say "It's done and dusted, let's move on". In fact it is much less than half done: we have yet to impose import controls (legally required and also to stop smuggled/substandard goods being imported). To impose these controls would be to do "grave self-harm, says Rees Mogg, but we will have to have them, along with the border and customs posts and staff, as they are WTO requirements. And at the moment our industries are at a disadvantage as they need to comply with EU customs on exports.

We have to apply a UK standard for manufactured goods (the UKCA) as we will soon lose the grace period on the CE mark. It will mean businesses will have to literally apply double standards to sell to countries that currently accept the CE mark.

We have to find a solution to the NIP problem- a solution was never found by Johnson, he just lied by agreeing to it and privately saying he would ignore the agreement.

We have to find a way to deal with illegal immigration now we are no longer party to the Dublin Agreement- people crossing the channel each year is doubling. The Brexit solution is to leave the ECHR, leave international maritime treaties, and become a rogue state like Russia. Crazy!

Guy Hands sums it up:

 Guy Hands, a leading City figure, has called Brexit a “complete disaster” and a “bunch of total lies” that has harmed large parts of the economy.

“It’s been a complete disaster," the former Tory donor told BBC Radio 4's Today programme. "The reality is it’s been a lose-lose situation for us and Europe. Europe has lost more [in financial services] but we’ve lost as well. And the reality of Brexit was, it was just was a bunch of complete and total lies.

“The only way that the Brexit put forward by Boris Johnson was going to work was if there was a complete deregulation of the UK and we moved to a sort of Liz Truss utopia of a Singapore state and that was just never going to happen,” he said.

“The British population was never going to accept a state in which the NHS would be demolished, where free education would be severely limited, where regulation with regard to employment would be thrown apart. It was just complete and total absolute lies.”

'That's not true': Minister's reason Brexit is a success immediately shut down (msn.com)



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