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New species of voiceless frog discovered in Tanzania

Still Waters

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Researchers discovered a new species of frog in Africa that has an unusual trait: it's completely silent.

The Ukaguru spiny-throated reed frog does not croak, sing or ribbit. Found in Tanzania's Ukaguru Mountains for which it is named, Hyperolius ukaguruensis is among the few frogs around the world that do not vocalize to other frogs.

The new species belongs to a group of "spiny throated" reed frogs, which true to their name have tiny spines on the male's throat. Since they can't rely on sound to recognize members of their species, they might use spines instead.

"It's a very odd group of frogs," said Lucinda Lawson, a conservation biologist and assistant professor of research at the University of Cincinnati.


The discovery was described in the journal PLOS ONE.


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They need to be protected before they all croak.

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