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Residents living next to "eyesore" sewage pipe say they're woken by flushing sounds

Still Waters

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Posted (IP: Staff) ·

Residents living next to a huge sewage pipe built outside their front doors say they are woken up by the sound of human waste being flushed away. The above ground pipe snakes around a housing development.

It was installed last November while Anglian Water fixed an underground pipe following a wave of complaints about foul smells. Locals were given food hampers from the water company as an apology for the inconvenience and were reassured the new pipe would be temporary.

Anglian Water estimated the work would be completed next month but residents fear they'll be living with the outdoor "poo pipe" until the summer. Fed-up locals say they are woken by the sound of poos being flushed away at night while others brand it an "eyesore".



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  • The title was changed to Residents living next to "eyesore" sewage pipe say they're woken by flushing sounds

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