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Here's Everything We Know About 'Unidentified Objects' Shot Down Over the U.S. and Canada

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United States fighter jets shot down yet another “unidentified object” on Saturday—this time over Canadian territory—marking the third time they have taken down an object over the past week. On Friday, American aircrafts shot down a separate unidentified object near Alaska’s airspace, though it is not clear what the object was or if it was related to China’s surveillance balloon program. Both the objects, the one shot down Friday and the one in Canada on Saturday, were flying at approximately 40,000 feet, which posed a potential risk to passenger planes. 

On Saturday, another “unidentified object” was shot down by a U.S. military jet. It was initially found in American airspace and then later moved into Canadian territory before being shot down by an F-22 on orders from President Joe Biden and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. The object, which was described as “cylindrical,” was said to be flying at around 40,000 feet as it was shot down before 4 p.m, but while talking to reporters on Saturday night, Canadian Defense Minister Anita Anand said she couldn’t identify exactly what the object was or its origin. Officials said they hope to be able to recover the object and “determine more details on its purpose or origin,” according to a White House statement released on Saturday.

China has spotted their own unidentified object near the city of Rhizao and is preparing to shoot it down, Chinese State media reported Sunday.  “Local maritime authorities in East China’s Shandong Province announced on Sunday that they had spotted an unidentified flying object in waters near the coastal city of Rizhao in the province and were preparing to shoot it down, reminding fishermen to be safe via messages,” the Global Times, a state-controlled media outlet, said in a tweet on Sunday.



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And on Sunday, Canadian and U.S. aircraft were launched to investigate an “octagonal” object that had previously been spotted over Montana. It was flying at about 20,000 feet, officials said, when U.S. aircraft shot it down over Lake Huron.

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