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Northern lights should be visible from Southern UK again on Monday night


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Light pollution is a problem, so if it is cloudless, it may be worth a drive somewhere without street lights.


Shimmering greens, purples and pinks of the northern lights appeared in the night sky across Britain and Ireland on Sunday night in a display that reached as far south as Hertfordshire and Cornwall.

The light spectacle, also known as an aurora, is usually most visible near the Earth’s magnetic north and south poles when high-speed electrically charged particles from space collide with gas molecules in Earth’s upper atmosphere.

Occasionally, this occurrence can be seen in the night sky over Britain.

The Met Office forecast clear conditions across the UK for Sunday night, saying the aurora borealis “may be visible as far south as central England tonight where skies remain clear”, adding that the lights are likely to be seen again on Monday night.

Northern lights dazzle across Scotland, Ireland and south through England | UK weather | The Guardian

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The Northern Lights were seen over the UK for a second night in a row on Monday.

The spectacle, also known as the Aurora Borealis, was visible from parts of southern England including Dorset and Devon.

Perfect conditions during the day before meant they were visible as far south as Cornwall on Sunday.

One easyJet flight from Iceland to the UK made a 360 turn over the North Sea to allow passengers on both sides of the aircraft to see the spectacle.

Northern lights: Easyjet pilot turns plane around to show passengers spectacle | Science & Tech News | Sky News

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