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Lightfoot Out As Mayor, Says She Was Treated Unfairly As A Black Woman

el midgetron

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4 hours ago, DieChecker said:


Good job Lightfoot. Drive those Capitalist Pigs out of town. 

The replacements will be just as bad.

Chicago has a public relations problem.   Unfortunately, the city has allowed itself to be defined by crime and it really is unfair.  While it is bad, it really is isolated for the most part to the south and west sides of Chicago far from the tourist areas.  Literally about 10 miles south and west.   The reality is unless you are a black gang banging male under 25, the odds of being involved in shootings is basically zero.  Even though those areas are part of Chicago, they are also far away from downtown and anywhere most normal civilians would ever be.  

Chicago has world class parks, beautiful lakefront, world reknown architecture, two of the best universities in the world, diversity of industry from packaged goods to banking to law to private equity to pharma.   It also has the lowest cost of living of practically any major city tier 1 city.

I've been a Chicago area resident for almost 25 years now.  It really is a great city in terms of what it offers residents.  Unfortunately, the liberal politics really is a drag.

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