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Purple Heart awarded to deputy in fatal shooting during middle school pickup


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A Colorado sheriff’s office has drawn outrage after it awarded a deputy a Purple Heart for injuries sustained last year during a fatal with a man at a middle school while students were being discharged.

Deputy Charles McWhorter received the commendation from the Pueblo County Sheriff’s Office four days before a federal wrongful death lawsuit was filed against him, other deputies and the county.

The award was given during an annual awards' banquet Feb. 17, according to a post about the ceremony on the sheriff’s Facebook page.

Purple Heart awarded to deputy in fatal shooting during middle school pickup prompts backlash (nbcnews.com)

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Only going on what you provided it would appear that killing the fellow was overboard and to award the murderer is an atrocitie. I imagine that the award only added to the furor, it sure wont help the state in this case.

In the last year maybe 18 months ive been in that similar situation, i stopped outside a pizza joint and tina ran in to grab a pie, i found it fun the same make model car was ahead of me, and a fellow who appeared mid 60s came out with his food jumped in the passenger seat, and was total shock to see me, all at the same time tina had come out and the lady driving the other kia saw the guys mistake and jumped out, we all had a laugh.

At least 2 times in that time ive tired to get into the wrong silver kia, auto door locks kept me from getting in and alerted me to my mistake, when tina sees me do it she gets a good laugh.

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From what I have read on this, a Purple Heart should not have been awarded.  

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That same letter listed McWhorter’s injuries that included an injury to his face, at the bridge of his nose, his right forefinger, his lower back, his right knee and a re-aggravated injury to the middle of his neck

If that's all that is needed to be awarded a purple heart I assume most policemen receive several such awards a year?    All you need do is have someone slap you on the face, then fall over and pull a muscle in your back :o

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