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Holding on straws

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Man, I found a forum today and read a post where a muslim claimed that the Quran has divine knowledge because it talks about the theory of relativity. How did he come to this conclusion? With these verses:

[5] He rules (all) affairs from the heavens to the earth: in the end will (all affairs) go up to Him, on a Day, the space whereof will be (as) a thousand years of your reckoning.

[4] The angels and the Spirit ascend unto Him in a Day the measure whereof is (as) fifty thousand years:

Do you believe this is anything that only a divine entity or a master of science could come up with? Can you honestly agree with the argument?

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The Muslim religion came about as a revenge for the angels that fell with women, hence their digust and mistreatment of them, though they were not diectly involved, but watched as their bretherin fell as a result of them. The angels they got their information from were fallen. Hence the similarity to the Hebrew beliefs.

And, no, I don't agree with his argument.

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