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TikTok users believe the moon phases trend reveals your ‘soulmate’

Grim Reaper 6

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Maybe it was meant to be. Maybe it's just a cosmic coincidence. For many TikTok users, the moon phase trend affirms that they did find their soulmates. 

TikTok users are comparing the moon phases of the days they were born to those of their significant others — if the phases fit together to make a perfect full moon, according to the trend, they're soulmates. If there are gaps between the overlapped moons, the relationship is supposedly doomed to fail. The trend, which started as early as last year, has gained traction in the past week, with many users on TikTok uploading their videos and using the hashtag #moonphase. 

The trend isn't just for romance, either — some users compare their birthdate moon phases with their friends' and pets'. To determine whether they are perfect fits with their partners — at least according to a TikTok trend — users must first download CapCut, the editing app used for many TikTok trends. Users can find the template by searching #moonphase on the app. Then, users have to check what phase the moon was in when they were born and when their partners were born. Many of the videos under the trend use this Moon Phases site.

Users then download the images and select them in CapCut. The template automatically superimposes the two images. After they tap "text" in the editing bar, users enter their dates of birth, as well as their partners' dates of birth. They tap "Add sound on TikTok," which will save the videos to their phones and export them to TikTok


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Have you seen the average tik tok fan? if so I rest my case.

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I saw this today and mine didn't match up, I was rather disappointed :(

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