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Bird flu: Chickens kept in UK gardens will have to be registered under planned new rules

Still Waters

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Posted (IP: Staff) ·

People in Great Britain who keep chickens in their back garden will have to register them with the government under proposed new rules to crack down on bird flu.

While those who own 50 or more birds, such as chicken farmers, have to register their flock with the government, currently people who have birds for their own supply of eggs, or as pets, do not.

Under the proposed new rules, being consulted on by government, bird owners would also be required to update their information on an annual basis. They would have to provide information including their contact details, the location of where the birds are kept and details of the species, number and their use.

The law would apply to people who have back yard chickens, birds of prey and pigeon fanciers, but would not affect pet birds always kept inside a domestic dwelling, such as a parrot or budgie kept in a cage that never leaves the property other than to see the vet or for another short-term period.


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  • The title was changed to Bird flu: Chickens kept in UK gardens will have to be registered under planned new rules

A chicken tax?    I assume there will be a cost involved in order to register chickens.  

It is something that will discourage people from owning chickens which is a negative for the country.  People who grow their own food helps with the food shortages.  

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