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Iraq 20 years on: death came from the skies on March 19 2003 – and the killing continues to this day

Still Waters

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The mass killings of Iraqis started on the night of March 19 2003 with the US-led coalition’s “shock and awe” bombing of Baghdad. They called it “Operation Iraqi Freedom”.

Millions around the world sat transfixed in front of their TV screens, watching as bombs and missiles exploded. The reports came with the warning that they “contained flashing images”. True enough, the sky over Baghdad flashed orange and golden – but those were bombs, not flash photography.

The narrative of terror which began that day was to last for years. Terror from the sky, terror on the ground, terror from the foreign soldier, terror from one’s neighbour. By the time the invasion was completed, some 7,500 Iraqi civilians had been killed in the air strikes.


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What is the definition of a 'civilian' in that part of the world?   Innocent people who were killed as casualties of war?  

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Around 300,000 Iraqi civilians were killed during the whole fiasco? . . and not enough  WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION !!!  were found to blow up a chicken coop ?

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War Crimes Tribunal should be set up for Bush and Cheney. :yes: 

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Bush joking about not finding WMD's in Iraq. 

(.....and THEY laughed for him)   Pathetic 

Way back to 2004 when most Democrats had a back bone and were anti war. How times have changed.  


President Bush’s humorous references to the hunt for weapons of mass destruction in Iraq have drawn criticism from Democrats as inappropriate for wartime. The White House and Republicans contend the president was just poking fun at himself.

“This is a very serious issue,” Democratic National Committee Chairman Terry McAuliffe said Friday on “Good Morning America” on ABC. “We’ve lost hundreds of troops, as you know, over there. Let’s not be laughing about not being able to find weapons of mass destruction.”

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