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Bible of priest who 'saved' Charles II to be auctioned

Still Waters

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The Bible of a priest who helped King Charles II flee to France at the end of the English Civil Wars is due to be auctioned.

It belonged to Father John Huddleston, who also attended the monarch's deathbed in 1685.

Concerning the Bible, auctioneer John Crane said it was "the first time in 40 years since being an auctioneer I could use the word 'unique"'.

The copy has an estimated sale price of more than £2,000.

Born in Lancashire, Father Huddleston was a Roman Catholic monk who arranged for Charles II to escape in 1651, at the end of the English Civil Wars between royalists and their opponents.

His actions are believed to have saved the young monarch, who had been crowned King in Scotland two years after the execution of his father Charles I.


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