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Alien Fossils Could Be Hiding in Meteorites on Earth — Study

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No matter what science fiction says, it’s hard to imagine humans will ever be able to stomp around a planet in another planetary system looking for life — the distances, time, and energy involved are simply too great.

But what if we could look somewhere else? Somewhere a little closer to home? What if fossilized alien microbes are already coming to visit us—even if it’s by accident? Why not look at the bottom of the world?

That’s what a new paper published in the International Journal of Astronomy by Tomonori Totani, an astronomer at the University of Tokyo, proposes. Instead of focusing only the search for life outside our Solar System on, well, places outside our Solar System, the paper argues that the best way to be sure of the existence of life elsewhere in the universe is to look for its tiniest traces in our own backyard. Of course, all this depends on a lot of luck for a tiny fossilized traveler. It would have to avoid being pulverized or melted by the impact itself, falling back to its home planet, to be ejected by a combination of gravity and solar radiative pressure, not to collide with other dust on the way, and not be damaged or destroyed in the process of interstellar travel. Then it would have to arrive on Earth, rather than plunging into the Sun, a gas giant, or one of the other rocky worlds — but at least there it gets something of a break, since the size of cosmic dust that could make this trek would be small enough to enter the atmosphere without severe heating.



Solid grains ejected from terrestrial exoplanets as a probe of the abundance of life in the Milky Way: https://www.cambridge.org/core/journals/international-journal-of-astrobiology/article/solid-grains-ejected-from-terrestrial-exoplanets-as-a-probe-of-the-abundance-of-life-in-the-milky-way/DCE143A8709BB800DF7DD238735220B4

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