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New York fisherman tips police to cache of rifles, handguns submerged in Jamaica Bay

Grim Reaper 6

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The weapons were found on Wednesday after divers from the NYPD Special Operations team located them in Jamaica Bay, near the borough of Queens. The NYPD told Fox News Digital that the 44-year-old man had found a plastic bag filled with weapons while fishing. The fisher alerted the NYPD, who promptly deployed Emergency Response Detectives Unit divers to recover the guns. The NYPD is investigating the incident. There is no information about where the weapons came from or who dumped them. Officials found three AR-15 rifles in a black plastic bag. A few hours later, they retrieved 14 handguns. 


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Odd.  Maybe a smuggler had to dump them.  I noticed the ARs only had 5 round mags.

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