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Search under way for mountain lion who clawed man in hot tub

Still Waters

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Posted (IP: Staff) ·

A search is under way for a mountain lion who clawed a man's head while he bathed in a hot tub with his wife in Colorado.

The couple were relaxing at a rental home in a wooded area of Nathrop at the time of the incident on Saturday night.

The man felt something grab his head and screamed when he realised it was a lion, officials said.

He continued to shout at the curious cat and splash water at it while his wife shone a torch in its direction, eventually forcing the animal to retreat to the top of a hill. It continued to watch the couple from its new vantage point.

They managed to get back home and clean the man's wounds (four scratches to the top of his head and near his right ear), before calling the property owner, who worked for Colorado Parks and Wildlife.


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He's a lucky guy.  That could have turned out tragically.  I wonder if the animal was wild or if it had been kept as a "pet" at some point.

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