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Foreign reinforcements from 50 countries join the fight against Russia in Ukraine

Grim Reaper 6

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The online.ua said in a documentary that in March 2022, the International Legion began its combat missions. The ranks of the Legion continue to grow with volunteers from more than 50 countries, and Ukraine gratefully accepts assistance from foreign defenders. Among the heroes is fighter Harry (who is from Scotland); he has known about Russia’s war against Ukraine since 2014 and joined the Legion in early March 2022. Of the Russians, he says very unequivocally: “Ever since I came here, I realized that they don’t care who they shoot at. It doesn’t matter to them that there are civilians in the cities, they just open fire. For them [Russians], civilian deaths don’t matter. We’re doing everything we can to save people and help them.

Eric, a Legion fighter, believes that the main problem of the Russians is their ego. There’s no way they could accept their defeat in Ukraine: “Obviously, they’re not at war with NATO troops. They could accept being defeated by NATO, but they cannot accept being defeated by Ukraine. Max dropped out of his studies in his native Brazil to join the fight for the freedom of Ukraine and the whole free world: “Considering what I have seen here – these are war crimes and genocide. Because they are bombing civilian targets where there is no military. There is no doubt that Vladimir Putin should be held responsible for this.


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Kudos to all fighters, Chechens. Russians, Belorussians, Lithuanians, Georgians, Azeris, etc!

Supply Ukraine with all they need (like Israel in 1973), and war will end. Period.

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Lesser war (in Afghanistan) broke USSR (twice population) spine. This war will break russkystan spine.  Send more ammo to Ukraine, and russkystan will fall appart. Reduce it to Moscovia.

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