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Amateur metal detectorist shocked after finding massive $240,000 nugget of gold

Still Waters

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An amateur metal detectorist has been blown away after striking gold...literally.

The bloke was using a budget device as he combed through Victoria's golden triangle in search of that juicy, juicy metal.

The Minelab Equinox 800 started going off over one section in Ballarat and he dug up a sizeable chunk of earth.

Thinking he had just made himself a tiny bit richer, he took the 4.6kg nugget to Lucky Strike Gold in Geelong to see how much it was worth.

He initially thought he had found around $10,000 worth of gold.


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A real lucky strike!  What got me was the next story - the brown spiders still alive at the bottom of someone’s pool in their backyard!  Still alive, and still poisonous, just floating around in the water!  Yikes.  How about going for a dip on a hot afternoon only to have one of those things land on your face!   Aaaaagggghhhttt.

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Budget detector? He's swinging a Minelab GPX pulse induction machine (which is a purpose-built gold detector, rather than a run-of-the-mill metal detector) which starts off at around £4000 (depending on which model he's using) in the first clip. They then go on to say that he found it using the Equinox 800, which retails at £899 over here (or used to be when I bought mine a few years ago). The Equinox 800 is definitely NOT a budget machine! A budget machine is a cheap, knock-off, Chinese £50 detector that you get from Amazon. Even the budget range for true multi-frequency Minelab detectors (such as the Vanquish range) start off at the £200 mark for the Vanquish 340. The Equinox 800 is more like top end in the mid-range category of metal detectors, only really outpriced by detectors like the Deus II, Manticore and CTX 3030.

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