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Dundee zoo 'heartbroken' after wolf pack euthanised

Still Waters

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A Dundee zoo said a decision to euthanise four of its wolves following the death of their pack leader was done as a last resort.

Camperdown Wildlife Centre put alpha male wolf Loki to sleep after he developed complications following an operation.

It said the other four wolves exhibited "unusually anxious and abnormal behaviour" following Loki's operation.

The zoo said its team were "absolutely heartbroken" at the decision.

It had faced criticism from some commentators on its social media accounts following the announcement, with one calling the decision "extreme."


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"The other four wolves in the pack have been exhibiting unusually anxious and abnormal behaviour since the operation, and it is with great sadness that these wolves have also been euthanised as a result."

I'd like to know what this 'abnormal behaviour' was.

Maybe they were mourning?


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