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Vulcan Rocket Experiences Anomaly During Test


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Vulcan Experiences Anomaly During Test, Maiden Flight Delayed


ULA has experienced an anomaly during testing of a Vulcan Centaur 2nd stage, and an investigation is underway.

The anomaly occurred during extreme pressure load testing of a Vulcan Centaur 2nd stage at the Marshal Space Flight Center.

Read More: The Launch Pad


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Posted (IP: Staff) ·

Space Force in wait-and-see mode as ULA continues to investigate upper-stage anomaly

Maj. Gen. Purdy: ‘Our hope is that we can find the way to continue to pursue the Cert-1 launch’


The head of the U.S. Space Force launch program office, Maj. Gen. Stephen Purdy, said he has been briefed by United Launch Alliance on an anomaly experienced last month during testing of the Centaur upper stage of ULA’s new rocket Vulcan Centaur. But he said it’s too early to predict what long-term impacts further delays of Vulcan’s debut launch might have on the national security launch program.    

“Yes, we’re tracking the ULA Centaur upper stage issue. It’s still under investigation. Obviously we’re closely following that,” Purdy told reporters April 18 at the Space Symposium.

Read More: SpaceNews


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