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Incredibly rare footage is thought to be the only film image of Anne Frank that still exists

Still Waters

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The days of the Holocaust were some of the darkest days in human history and certainly among the darkest of recent history. Some of that history has been lost but there are those who kept it alive through their writing.

One of those individuals was Anne Frank, and although she lost her life at a very early age, her diary that she kept from 1942 till 1944 is a very important part of our history.

Not only is the diary of Anne Frank an interesting read for anyone who is interested in that history, but it is also something that is included in many classroom discussions. There is now a video available that is rarely seen. It was shot in 1941 prior to the time that her family went into hiding and it is thought to be the only footage of Anne Frank that still exists.



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It's sad to watch...

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What always really gets me about Anne Frank's story is how close they came to making it through the war. Nine more months and they would have made it to V-E day. And even before that the chaos that the Allied liberation caused in the German Reich might have saved them from being deported if they had just managed to stay hidden for just a little longer. From what we know Anne Frank survived until two weeks before Bergen-Belsen was liberated, and Peter VanPels also almost made it to the liberation of Auschwitz where Otto Frank (the only survivor) offered to hide him in the sick barracks so that he wouldn't be selected for the death march, unfortunately Peter figured he had a better chance of survival if he went along with the march. But the physical exhaustion took its toll and he died in Mauthausen shortly after liberation.

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