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9 year olds goat seized and slaughtered


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A 9 year old girl raised a goat for auction and pleaded to not have it go to slaughter. It did not go well. The goat was seized and killed to it seems teach her a lesson? Since the goat was disputed property it wasn't up to the deputies to kill it, but they did so anyway. 

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The story seems kind of bizarre.  Why would you sell your goat to be eaten and then steal it?

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It's funny how a single letter can change the meaning of a whole sentence.

I read "9 year old goat seized and slaughtered" and I thought: "So what? Is it special because it's 9 years old?"

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Posted (edited)

The expression **** for brains comes to mind.

Assuming the facts as reported in the article, then the County overreached and confesses as much when they set out to "teach a lesson" to the girl, or to other children, about the consequences of not following rules. If it is the case that the winning bidder did not demand specific performance, and the parties were willing that the County collect its auctioneer's fee (the 7%), then the County has no further legitimate interest in the matter.

There is no "lesson" to be taught. If two parties to a private contract agree to a resolution of that contract, then the matter ends there. That is the law. The consequences of not keeping a contract are that you must satisfy the other parties in interest. Full stop.

I think the family has a pretty good civil lawsuit, although I would advise them to get a real attorney on it. The big money tort seems to be the intentional infliction of emotional distress. The county officials apparently have admitted that that, and not any commerical interest, was their intention. It would be for an attorney to decide whether there might be an avenue for punitive damages because the county is a creature of the state. (Private auctioneers do not have law enforcement officers on their payroll.)

So yes, I heartily agree. Let's teach this little girl a lesson: In America, when somebody shafts you, you sue the batards (pardon my French).

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Bureaucrats are kind of sub-humans.

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