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New study examines impact of an NDE on experiencer's life


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On 4/26/2023 at 1:46 AM, hihowareya said:

Yeah but people don’t think there floating above they claim that they are and some of them gave proof 

That's got nothing to do with what the article is talking about.

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If we consider some of the wild dreams all of us have had.  You know, that dream where  you woke up, and it was so real, so vivid, and yeah...right...you don't remember that dream do you?  Maybe bits and pieces but a year later...yeah, dreams have little impact because they are only visual images in our head and have no real transforming power with respect to our actual lives.  

That's all NDE hallucinations are...dreams...visual images in our head created by our subconscious.  Just like any other dream.

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