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Prince Harry: Mirror publisher apologises in phone hacking trial

Still Waters

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The publisher of the Mirror has apologised to Prince Harry for unlawful information gathering, at the start of a trial over alleged phone hacking.

Mirror Group Newspapers (MGN) said it would never be repeated.

Lawyers representing Harry told the court he was subjected to the "most intrusive methods of obtaining personal information".

Harry is one of several high profile figures bringing claims against MGN.

Lawyers argue that executives at the company knew about widespread phone hacking but failed to act.

In a written submission, MGN - which also publishes the Sunday Mirror and Sunday People - said it "unreservedly apologises" for one instance of unlawful information gathering against Harry and said that the legal challenge brought by the prince "warrants compensation".


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That "one instance" makes me think it is the one instance they got caught, not the only instance that they did an illegal phone tap

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Senior executives of Mirror Group Newspapers authorised widespread illegal activity at their tabloids including the targeting of a British royal, the lawyer for Prince Harry and others suing the publisher said on Thursday.

Harry, King Charles' younger son, and more than 100 others including celebrities and high-profile figures, are suing the publisher of the Daily Mirror, Sunday Mirror and Sunday People.


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Prince Harry has been on this collision course for years - and finally he is going to be in a courtroom in person, eyeball to eyeball, in his battle against the tabloid press.

It promises to be an electrifying moment as he gives his evidence and faces questions this coming week from lawyers in London's High Court about his allegations of phone hacking.

Prince Harry has said that changing the media landscape is his "life's work" - and this gladiatorial courtroom encounter could be one of his own defining moments.

He has two of the key requirements for this legal battle: First, a single-minded determination to keep going without settling, and second, being rich enough to take the financial hit if he loses.

But giving evidence in person in this Mirror Group Newspapers hacking trial will have big risks for him. He will face the type of open, public and tough questioning that is a long way from any previous royal interview he has taken part in.


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Prince Harry not in court for phone-hacking trial ‘due to daughter’s birthday’ – live

Prince Harry’s no-show at the high court has caused a headache for his legal team, who were left explaining that he had chosen to stay in Los Angeles to attend his daughter’s second birthday party, writes media editor Jim Waterson from the High Court.

The judge, Mr Justice Fancourt, was visibly irritated by the prince’s failure to be ready to give evidence - although in diplomatic legal language he simply said he was “a little surprised” by the Prince’s absence. Given the case is being heard without a jury, it is considered unwise to anger to annoy the one person who will decide the outcome of the case.


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The Duke of Sussex has told a court he is suing the publisher of the Daily Mirror to stop "absolute intrusion and hate" towards him and his wife.

Prince Harry was giving evidence against Mirror Group Newspapers (MGN) over illegal newsgathering claims, including phone hacking.

He was choked-up as he finished giving evidence for a second day, and said it had been "a lot".

MGN denies it used illegal methods to gather stories about the prince.

At London's High Court, the prince explained he started discussions about possible legal action after a chance-meeting in France in 2018 with David Sherborne, now his barrister.

The prince said before then he had no concerns over any particular newspaper stories due to unlawful activity because it "was all contained in the Palace".


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Royal Family avoided as Prince Harry stayed at Frogmore Cottage before dashing back to California

Prince Harry was set to arrive back in California on Thursday night after staying in Frogmore Cottage - without seeing his family, it has emerged.

The Duke is not believed to have seen his father, the King or his brother, the Prince of Wales during his brief visit to the UK to give evidence for his High Court phone-hacking case against Mirror Group Newspapers (MGN).

Harry spent three nights in Britain, but followed what has become standard practice by dashing back to the US, opting not to extend his stay any longer than necessary.

He was accompanied by just his security team and stayed at his Windsor home for what is likely to be the last time.


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  • 3 weeks later...

Prince Harry is claiming up to £440,000 in damages for newspaper articles published by Mirror Group Newspapers which he alleges breached his privacy.

Amounts being claimed were released on the final day of the trial examining allegations of phone hacking.

Prince Harry's lawyers have highlighted 33 stories in their claim, including reports about his ex-girlfriend Chelsy Davy and his drug taking.

In a document released later, they said he is also seeking further damages of about £120,000. This relates to allegations of unlawful information gathering by MGN publications, including over the targeting of his late mother, Diana Princess of Wales.

A barrister for MGN said this week the Duke of Sussex was only entitled to £500 for a private investigator's attempt to get personal details about him.


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