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Many Japanese turn to smile instructors to learn how to smile again after COVID

Still Waters

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After wearing masks in public for three long years, many Japanese are signing up for smiling classes to learn how to smile again without looking awkward.

Smiling used to be a natural response, but apparently, three years of hiding behind a mask have left many Japanese unable to smile naturally. Some of them are now paying so-called smiling educators to teach them how to display their pearly whites again without looking awkward. They participate in specialized classes where they are taught how to stretch and flex various parts of their faces and even their neck muscles to smile properly and actually convey happiness without looking weird.


Remembering how to smile? Japan training sessions help prepare for life after masks


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Turn that frown, upside down. :D

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Wearing mask was a traumatic disruption of Japanese formal social etiquette. Some need help learn polite manners again after so long neglecting them. Even here, covid lockdowns were a culturally shattering experience we are only now recovering from.

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I wish them luck. 

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My 3 month old knows how to smile.

They need to learn NOT to frown. 

Japanese are a wonderful, yet crazy, people.

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Did wearing the Mask effect them physically in terms of how to smile?

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