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Swiping seagulls watch humans when picking what to eat!

Still Waters

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Posted (IP: Staff) ·

Picture this - you're at the beach on a sweltering summer day enjoying the sand, sea and some delicious seaside treats when a hungry seagull disturbs the peace by swiping your ice cream cone or bag of chips!

It's a scene many are are familiar with and lots of people view seagulls as greedy birds eating every and anything in sight.

However, a new study suggests more thought may go into the food choices the birds make than people imagine.

Seagulls decide what foods they'd like to eat by paying close attention to what humans are munching on nearby, according to the findings.



Details of the study are published in Biology Letters.


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Posted (IP: Staff) ·

Seaside chippy worker scares off seagulls in an eagle outfit - so customers can eat their food in peace

A seaside chippy worker scares off seagulls in an eagle outfit - so customers can eat their food in peace. Plucky Corey Grieveson, 18, can pocket £200 a day prowling Whitby harbour - known for gulls nicking chips from people's trays. And although he can earn a pretty penny from tips, he said the crafty gulls have taken “revenge” on him by pooing on his spotlessly clean car each day.


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