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Media shuns Tory party conference over demands for attendance fee

Still Waters

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t looks as if there will be empty seats in the rows usually reserved for members of the press at the annual Conservative party conference in Manchester this autumn, with media organisations across the political spectrum refusing to pay recently imposed fees.

No other British political party charges for press accreditation, but last year a fee was introduced by the Conservative party. This summer the charge of £137 for each journalist’s application is being challenged by a broad coalition of newsrooms, on the basis that paying for media access sets a bad and undemocratic precedent.

The new price tag on reporting the internal political debates of the ruling party has concerned a variety of industry bodies, including the News Media Association, Society of Editors, News Media Coalition and Foreign Press Association.


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Tells a lot, doesn't it?

@acute Did they charge you a protestor fee? 

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8 hours ago, Piney said:

acute Did they charge you a protestor fee? 

They wouldn't dare!

I'm walking straight in there with my South Central posse.


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That’s certainly one way to keep the press out of your event. 

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