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Colorful Kuiper Belt puzzle solved


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Colorful Kuiper Belt puzzle solved by UH researchers


The Kuiper Belt is a massive disk of icy bodies, including Pluto, that is located just outside of Neptune’s orbit in our solar system. Objects observed in the Kuiper Belt exhibit a unique color range than any other solar system population ranging from white to dark reddish. While the source of this diversity in colors is unknown, scientists have speculated that it is likely the result of the prolonged exposure to radiation of organic materials by galactic cosmic rays.

A new study led by researchers in University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa’s Department of Chemistry has replicated the environment in the Kuiper Belt to discover what is causing the array of colors in hydrocarbon-rich surfaces of Kuiper Belt objects, providing a solution to a long-standing problem in astrophysics. The study was published in Science Advances on May 31.

Read More: University of Hawaiʻi


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On 6/3/2023 at 7:11 AM, Waspie_Dwarf said:

Colorful Kuiper Belt puzzle solved by UH researchers


I tried to follow the math...I truly did.  Too overwhelming for my  brain and lack of knowledge.  Interesting nonetheless.  Especially the formula for spectrums of light.  I always wondered how that worked.  I still don't know but somehow the equations make sense.  

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