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Discovery of more than 50 tweezers reveals ancient Roman obsession with hair removal

Still Waters

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Posted (IP: Staff) ·

A team of archaeologists has found that our obsession with hair removal can be traced back to Roman times.

Archaeologists working in Wroxeter Roman City, in Shropshire, England, have discovered a huge collection of over 50 tweezers at the settlement that dates from the 2nd to 4th century CE.

They also discovered a skin scraper, perfume bottles, jewelry, and make-up applicators – showing just how important personal hygiene and beauty were to the Romans.

English Heritage has said that the hair removal practices were just as routine for men as they were for women, noting that men who would engage in sports like wrestling would be expected to remove their body hair.


Romans To Blame For No-Body-Hair Trend, Says English Heritage


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  • The title was changed to Discovery of more than 50 tweezers reveals ancient Roman obsession with hair removal
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There is a famous tombstone in Rome dedicated to a woman who ruthlessly tweezed every single extraneous follicle from her body until none grew back until she was smooth everywhere but her head.  An odd thing to leave to posterity.  Perhaps these tweezers are related to her house ? :lol::tu:

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