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Interactive Shark Attack Map Reveals The Most Common Times, Places, And Conditions

Still Waters

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Posted (IP: Staff) ·

An Interactive Shark Attack Map with statistics and survival guides has been released by Florida Panhandle, complete with a list of reports that can be filtered for fatal, non-fatal, provoked, and unprovoked attacks. Its intention isn’t to instill fear but the opposite, by demonstrating that not only are sharks not the villain Jaws paints them to be, but that they actually need our help.

“What started out as a fun research project, quickly became a passion project!” said David Angotta, founder of FloridaPanhandle, in a release emailed to IFLScience. “During our research, we learned that in a typical year less than 10 humans are killed by sharks. Contrast that with the astronomical figure of 100 million sharks killed by humans.”



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