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Aggressive Rabid Moose Becomes The First Ever Detected In Alaska

Still Waters

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Posted (IP: Staff) ·

The first rabid moose in Alaska was announced by the Department Of Fish And Game after an animal was found stumbling, drooling, and acting aggressively on June 2. Rabies in moose is rare, but not unheard of, and this latest case marks a historic first for the US state.

“The moose was unbalanced, stumbling, drooling profusely, and had bare patches of skin,” said Doug Vincent-Lang, commissioner of the Alaska Department Of Fish And Game, in a statement. “Staff in Nome consulted with ADF&G wildlife veterinarian Dr. Kimberlee Beckmen and dispatched the animal that afternoon due to its aggressive behavior and signs suggestive of rabies disease.”

A necropsy was performed to establish the cause of death, and samples confirmed the presence of rabies virus in the moose’s brain. With the aid of the Centers For Disease Control And Prevention, they were able to pinpoint the rabies virus as a variant found in Arctic foxes.



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