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The Sea Wolf


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The fishermen say when your catch is done and you’re sculling in with the tide, that you must take care that the Sea Wolf’s share, is tossed to him overside.

They say that the Sea Wolf rides by day, unseen on the crested waves, and sea mists rise from his cold green eyes, when he comes from his salt sea caves.

The fishermen say when it storms at night and the great seas bellow and roar, that the Sea Wolf rides on the plunging tides, and you hear his howl at the door.

And you must throw open your door at once, and fling your catch to the waves, til he drags his share to his cold sea lair, straight down to his salt sea caves.

Then the storm will pass and the stars will shine, in peace- so the fishermen say- but the Sea Wolf waits by the cold Sea Gates, for the dawn of another day.

Postscript: This excellent poem by one Violet McDougal was in a book of collected poetry that I found in my elementary school library circa 1983. It made such an impression on me that I copied it down and kept it. 

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